Sunday, January 26, 2020

"Bee Happy" Wall Organizer

I had a One-Day retreat last weekend, here in Lynnfield, Massachusetts.  Luckily the weather held up for is, dropping several inches of wet snow only in the last hour or so.  It's very hard to transport paper and paper crafts through a wet mess!  LOL!

Anyway, I wanted to share a class that I developed for the event:  the "Bee Happy" Wall Organizer.  My New Year's resolutions were many, but they started out with organization.  (Best of all, I didn't write any down this year -- often I write them down, then beat myself up for not being perfect!  My best advice, handed down from many successful leaders before me, is that everything is better done than perfect.  Trying to remember that!)

Here's a picture of the wall organizer.  I love it, and best of all, love how it can be changed out to match the theme of your room or space.  Also, it's easy enough that it can be made for gifts.  I've written up a very thorough tutorial, and would love to share it with you.  Check out my pictures first.

Isn't it cute?  Doesn't it look functional?  Here are a few more pictures.  If you are interested in the tutorial, I have it for sale in my "store".
Post It Holder, decorated

Calendar Close-up View

I was inspired to create this wall organizer by Laura Mackie from the UK.  You can see her original design here.  I purchased the tutorial from Laura, but had to adapt it quite a bit for Imperial measurements.  If you live in the UK or in a part of the world that uses metric measurements, I would  like you to contact Laura Mackie for the tutorial.  With Laura's express permission, I have adapted the tutorial to Imperial measurements for those of us in the United States and can offer my tutorial for sale here.

Thank you.  To purchase my tutorial, please click the registration link here.  This is the link to purchase the tutorial and does not include any of the supplies required to make the organizer.

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