Thursday, October 6, 2016

It's HOW MANY Days 'til Christmas?!

I resolve every year to start my Christmas cards in January so I don't get behind, and every year in the beginning of October, I start to panic as I realize that it's almost Christmas time and I still haven't made a dent in mu Christmas card stash!!  Are YOU like that?

I did a Christmas-in-July card class,  missed August, then started up in September with the different Christmas card offerings.  I was involved in several different swaps with the new catalog, so it's been fun and easy to come up with cards for my classes.  So many talented demonstrators and stampers out there!  I find that many have a style that I like to imitate.

Here was Tuesday night's card class:

Sometimes I like to use all of one set but sometimes that's difficult -- if I have 6-8 ladies that come to my class, I need to divvy up the stamps and sets so that everyone has something to work on.  Can you name all the stamp sets and thinlits I used here?!  (Supply list with links to my store on the bottom of the page!  *If a bundle is available and I used both components of the bundle, that is the supply number that will be given)   

Just a quick note about the star card -- I used just the Magnetic Platform to cut out the solid silver glimmer star, and then switched to the Precision Base Plate (no bottom cutting plate -- the precision plate is now your bottom plate!) to cut the detailed overlying Dapper Denim star.  It works best if you run it forward and back a few times.  I now have a specific plate that I save just for use with the Precision Plate. It is such a tight fit to allow the cutting of the deailed thinlits that it bows with repeated use. I'm always amazed that it does not break if you could see the curve in that plate now! Just in case though, I have a supply of replacement cutting pads on hand!  ;)

Would you like to come to one of my classes?  Leave me a comment if you'd like to come and you live in the Lynnfield MA area!  Here is a link to my calendar of events.

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