Friday, January 22, 2016

Craft Room Destruction/Construction!

Hi all!  I had a card to share with you today but can't find it now!  The next pictures will explain why, and why I'm not stamping as much!!

This corner housed a table where I kept my DSP, my works-in-progress, and my embossing station  I hope to buy a melamine countertop and some base cabinets or drawers here eventually..

This corner had cabinets "way back when" before I moved a desk there.  There was a bar sink that never worked too.  Cabinets up and down with a new sink will be here when we're done.
I can't show you the rest of the room because it's in shambles!  Everything that had a home (or a pile), has now moved into the center of the room so they could plaster and paint.  I was smart enough to move some things, but many things won't be found until the end of the project when I give them another home. Class was quite humorous Tuesday night -- I'd go down to find an item, emerge 15 minutes later. Then again, 5 minutes later ... repeat the process!!

This probably won't be my dream craft room.  It's supposed to be a family room.  My husband kind of wants it back.  My thought was that if I have cabinets, it's a bit more organized, can eventually be a wet bar if we sell the house, and I still have a craft space.  The reason for the remodel now is the damage that was done last year with the humongous icicles and the ice dam damage that ensued.  The insurance company wants to see progress to give us a check!

So ... in the meantime, I'll do my best with what I can find.  In the end, I hope it's worth it!  I looked at cabinets today (my husband approved the choice, but we haven't ordered yet), brought home carpet samples, approved a paint sample, and the work will go on!!

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