Friday, February 6, 2015

How Do You Organize your Scraps?!

I've been doing cardmaking for quite some time -- I was a great customer before I decided to be a great demonstrator!!  (Sorry, tooted my own horn -- not like me!!)

Since I've been buying Stampin' Up! cardstock (c/s) for so long, I have full sheets, half sheets, textured sheets, pieces of DSP, little pieces of Glimmer Paper, etc.!  I had to figure out a way to organize it.  I don't have a super stampin' space yet, although it has lots of tables for card classes and Open Stamping.  How does one find these scraps without tearing apart the space?  Well, I went to Joann's Fabrics and purchased a "cabinet" that holds several plastic see-through bins.  I think there are 6 of them in this particular one.  Like I said, they're bins -- not drawers (I have that too though!).

Want to know how I organized them?  Each drawer has a color family -- I photocopied this from one of the catalogs (the colors are no longer current, but the families are, so it does the job for me!).

Here's a photo of all of my bins. 


 The drawers are: Neutrals, Subtles, Regals, Brights, InColors, and Metallic/Specialty.

I only put neutral scraps in the neutral bin, In Color scraps in the In Color bin, etc.  The Metallic/Specialty bin is my favorite -- did you know that you can use even the very smallest piece of glimmer or foil paper so punch out a mini star, a small heart, etc.?  I rarely throw those pieces away unless they're ridiculously tiny!  I put my watercolor scraps in there, my Naturals paper scraps, my Shimmer Paper, etc.  Anything that's specialty (other than DSP), goes in that bin. 

The neutrals bin doesn't include my Whisper White or Vanilla scraps -- I have to have a separate bin for that.  The white was mixed in with the vanilla until one of my customers/friends separated them out, putting the Vanilla in a separate bag.  It may not look pretty but it certainly works! 

Now, when I have Open Stamping times at my house, my people know that they can go to my bins for scraps.  Of course, if the bin is so full with a particular color of c/s in many different sizes, I recycle the small or damaged or already stamped-on-the-other-side pieces. 

What works for you!  Please share!!  Next time I'll tell you how I organize my Designer Paper and pieces!

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